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GREEN ARREDA LTD was born from a decade of experience in street furniture, playgrounds and turn-key picnic areas of its directorAndrea Castellano.

The company, made of young, motivated and highly dynamic people, has at the core of its business the centrality of the client, with all his needs; This is why our commitment in not limited only to the supply of products, but focuses also on the supply of accessories.
Quality products are not enough: we, as a company, have to give adequate advice to the client during the design process, to perform inspections, to make the client aware about local regulations about safety on playgrounds, to assist the client in his choice of the most suitable products, to form competent and equipped teams for an accurate installation, to ensure safety even after having completed the job, with adequate maintenance plans.
We are therefore happy to present our “Turn-key formula”:
Give us the area, all the rest is up to us!
To furnish play areas and urban spaces, means to play a pedagogical and social role: we are aware that a good service cannot ignore the social responsibility we have in creating areas that involve children with their fantasies, but also spaces for adults, parents and also the elderly, that become a meeting point and of interpersonal exchange.
All this is key to realising public areas, and we try to do it with the utmost care, in order to achieve only one guarantee: certainty of the result.
- PRICE: in a time of crisis, like the one we are experiencing, an intelligent offer cannot ignore the economic aspect; this is why we feature a wide range of products, so that one can find an adequate alternative at the best market prices.
- QUALITY: while the client needs to save, he has also to ensure quality, so that he can protect users. This is why all our products are made in Italy and only with certified and first choice materials.
- SERVICE: in addition to providing legal, design, assembly and installation and periodic maintenance assistance, Green Arreda Ltd can also realise customised products following your requests, that you designed or taken from images you saw elsewhere.
Now we only await for your trust to realise together your projects!!